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Wizwitch is a collective term for both Wizards and Witches. They are people whom through the Magic flows through better, stronger, easier than normal people. We know of wizwitches being found among Humans, Motihauls and Gnolls.

Wizwitches are considered to be people that received the "complete package", potentially capable of studying any magical branch and using any spell. Hedgewitches (hedge-wizwtiches?) are more limited in their range of spells.

What makes one a wizwitch is uncertain. Certain families tend to produce more than others but are still not a gurantee. Having a large amount of magical energy (as seen with an Aura) increases the likelihood but does not guarantee it.

Charecteristics of wizwtiches[]

  • Wizwitches often are able to communicate with animals as if they were talking to a person and understand what they "say".
  • Wizwitches have an odd knack for getting into strange places, dropping down holes and other odd situations. This is attributed to "the magic trying to find an outlet".
  • Wizwitches can also see into the mind of others. Note that this does not mean that they can easily read the person's thoughts.
  • Wizwitches are very resilient to having their minds be controlled by magic. Even a Zarkian (Demon) would have a hard time getting into their heads.

Notable Wizwitches[]

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