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Willoughby Winston Sterling Eman was the 22rd Earl of E.


Willoughby was evidently a twit, he "picked up where I(Sylvester) left off."(E.png) He was not as famously limited as Quincy, but his sons Sylvester and Mortimer would (as adults) have been uncomfortable giving him the power of a magic wand. Other than that, he and his wife were quite vague about their personal history, even to the point where their own children where not quite sure where they got married. Little else is known.


Willoughby met his wife, Dorothea Anne Mundivagant, at the university. "Apparently" they married in "the village" (Eetown); the human village nearest the Mansion of E.

His children are (in order of birth(E.png)):

  1. Sylvester
  2. Ace
  3. Mortimer Nigel Mundivagant Eman
  4. Lenore and Lilith (twins)
  5. Rufus

Willoughby passed away while Sylvester was away from home. Sylvester didn't even find out until after the funeral.

Preceded by:
Quincy (father)
Earl of E
5398–5411 HC
Succeeded by:
Sylvester (son)