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Wilhelmina was the 13th Earl, daughter of Lemuel and Charlotte. Literally but not officially the first female Earl, she wore trousers and a false beard for official events. She delegated well, which helped her avoid seeing the male chauvinism of the era, and gave her time for sculpting. Wilhelmina signed official documents with just "W", which also helped hide her gender.

She was a very good sculptor, highly magically talented. Her magic only worked for stone sculpting. There were no wands, pointy hats, or other thaumnodes in her day, but she could channel magic with her brain to make her sculpting easier. Sculpting was still not easy for her, she was worn out at the end of a day's work, but it seems to have made the process faster than using a hammer and chisel. Sylvester described her personality as "somewhat obsessive and meticulous"(E.png), but didn't consider her obsessive enough to carve the Big Block of Rock in the Hall of Achievement with a hammer and chisel. Perhaps the 'flavor' of the Tricklepoint near the Mansion particularly helped her talents, as she found sculpting harder away from home. In the society just prior to the crash, people with magical capabilities limited to particular tasks were classified as hedgewitches.

When leaving Alwin Island, Sylvester wished he could follow her lead and "stay out here"(E.png).


Joy was not a witch, married advantageously, and "more or less dropped out of history."

Arianya of the Brackens became the most famous member of the Earls' family.

Preceded by:
Lemuel (father)
Earl of E
5154–5180 HC
Succeeded by:
Linus (son)