Wilfs and Gobblems are creatures of myth and legend amongst humans in the Mansionverse. They resemble the elves and goblins of Earth legend, but their forms appear to be more specific than the highly varied elves and, interestingly, their skeletal, possibly fosilized remains are preserved. Wilfs are apparently portrayed as tall humanoids with vertical faces and noble body language, dressed in robes, and bearing on their backs a pair of structures loosely resembling skeletal wings. Gobblems appear short, with round heads and very prognathous jaws rounding to a point, simple clothes and crude body language. It's possible this consistancy is a narrative device in the comic, but there is a curious twist which indicates wilfs and gobblems are not merely creatures of myth and fossil.

In the Mansion of E, one of the panegates which lead to an alternate "here" shows a world in which Wilfs and Gobblems never died out. Sylvester says "There was no room for humans behind that gate," indicating it is a very violent world.

Place in history Edit

Author's word is Wilfs came and went long before Ettins did. (From the chatbox.)