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Wide World is used specifically(E) and metaphorically(E) as the name of the planet holding Yurpsland and The Mansion of E.

The name is used (at least) by humans and by Protus when talking(E) to Sylvester.

Major Landmasses[]

  • Known World -- The continent (or group of abutting continents) largely colonized by humans, containing Yurpsland and almost all the other places seen or mentioned in the comic.
  • Far Eastern Shore -- Evidently the edge of another continent. Only a handful of human colonies were well-established(E) at the time of the Crash.
  • Katan -- An island "half way"(E) between the Known World and the Far Eastern Shore, evidently not associated with a continental landmass. Colonization status unknown.

Oceans and seas[]


  • Specific Ocean -- East of the Known World, west of the Far Eastern Shore, contains Katan. Borders Yurpsland directly, and many seas and large bays. Is the sea adjacent to the Mansion of E.
  • Terrific Ocean -- South of the Known World. Borders the Candy Mountains, Solla Sollew, ...
  • Titanic Ocean -- West of the Known World.


  • Sea of Plinths and Sea of Iron -- Portions of a very large inland sea in the north of the Known World.

Connected to the Specific Ocean[]


Other planets in the same solar system[]

Reference link(E)

  • Barsoom (Author's credit from Oh No Robot transcript: Edgar Rice Burroughs)
  • Nibiru (Author's credit from Oh No Robot transcript: "Crackpot theory")
  • Perelandra (Author's credit from Oh No Robot transcript: C. S. Lewis)
  • Yuggoth (Author's credit from Oh No Robot transcript: H. P. Lovecraft)

The author's note for Sunday, July 21, 2024(E) says that The Crash only affected the Wide World.