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The Mansion of E is a large structure located near Eetown in the province of Audravania on the coast of the Specific Ocean. The building is a Mansion, not a castle. It is the hereditary seat of the Earl of E.

Other Names[]

The Mansion was/is called:


The above-ground portion of the Mansion resembles an enormous cactus when viewed from a distance. So much so that (at least some of the) denizens of The Forest and The Basement refer to it as "God's Cactus." It is, in fact, a mansion / castle, filled with hundreds of rooms (nobody's ever counted them).


It is necessary to watch for moving walls(E) in the North Tower.

Mansion Grounds[]

The Mansion is surrounded by a wall.


Note that North is to right. The Spike is upwards here (West).

Within the Mansion's grounds there are other buildings that are partially connected to the Mansion itself. These are:

  • Factor E (factory, currently inactive)
  • Party Palace
  • Ivory Tower
  • BarrackStack
  • Temple of the Brush (officially Abandoned)
  • The Boathouse
  • The Orchard, just outside the wall


Although the E Family has owned and resided in the Mansion for over twenty generations and filled it with all manner of fascinating items, fixtures and services, the Mansion is even older than the family's presence within it. It was previously owned by Ettins, the source of some of the Mansion's more fascinating features, including the Panegates, the Mysterious Clicking Device, and the eclectic populations of the Forest and Basement - originally menagerie exhibits who escaped their enclosures after the extinction of the Ettins (the single known exception being the Sneeches, who were prisoners of war).

Notable Residents (not including The Basement and The Forest)[]

Notable Rooms/Features/Landmarks[]

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