Telic is a Helipath. He is a medic/healer who serves both Basement and Forest clients, judging by his clientele(E). He can be identified by several stitched scars on him.

He heals several species and in his dialogue indicates a deep understanding of anatomy and biology of each of his client. This can be attributed to his great curiosity regarding anatomy, dissecting dead creatures when he could. It is important to note that he himself does not kill anyone(E) to attain specimens.

Comshaw's comment(E) suggests that he even operated on himself, which may explain stitched scars on his body.

He has access to powerful medicine, such as Loomboggle's Horsepurge and Life Exilir(E).

Notable appearancesEdit

He is first shown in this 20040118 strip.

He is first mentioned here.

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