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Sneeches are elusive, xenophobic, and highly lethal bipedal species. They are taller than humans, and have bulbous heads, large eyes, and claws. They live in dens containing organic growths or constructions, each fulfilling a particular function, and linked together into one superorganism.[1]

Sneeches reproduce and die of old age, though there is evidence to suggest their lifespans are longer than human.[2]

In the distant past, Sneeches drove the Ettins extinct in a war,[3] but were almost rendered extinct themselves in the aftermath.[4] Most surviving Sneeches live in Wirtvale.

Mentioned(E) in Arthur's report to Yasmine.


There are at least four different subspecies(E) of Sneeches: chalk, slate, charcoal and alabaster.

Alabaster Sneeches have six arms, droopy noses, a row of white, curved spines running down the back of their head and their back, and are able to fire beams from their eyes.[5]

Charcoal Sneeches have protruding lips and breathe fire (described as "involuntary fire-spewing"). Obadiah Wuttgutt's book Cyclopedia of Night Beasties describes them as almost chatty at times.[6]

Nothing so far is known about chalk and slate Sneeches.

Sneeches in the Basement[]

There is a colony of alabaster Sneeches in the Basement, located in the end of the Great Chasm, near the River of Fire. They are very territorial. They are known to have left their dens only once, during the Nome War. This forced the Nomes, Pales and Gnolls all to flee. Since then, almost no-one dares live on the Sneech side of the chasm.

When Sylvester, Rosemary, and Mortimer entered the Sneech den on their way out of the Basement during the , they found it quiescent and apparently abandoned.[7]