Pales are bipedal, dark-pelted creatures that inhabit the forest surrounding the Mansion of E. They tend to be bad-tempered, reclusive and ill-disposed towards outsiders. This is however only a tendency: a solitary Pale will occasionally venture into the Basement where they are treated as objects of mild curiosity.

Pales do not have names as such: instead they are primarily known by job titles. One individual/roll is Zpeaker who is the Pale diplomat( E.png ) who talks to members of other species for the Pales.

Pales don't need to talk, they can send out noises from the points of their heads( E.png ) most other creatures can't hear.

The Pales call their forest home "The Camp" as it is considered temporary( E.png ) as the wish to "leave the world"( E.png ). They use Tree-Warping in The Camp, which was taught( E.png ) to them by Nomes.

Pales are particularly unfriendly towards the Forest Gnolls, and there are vague reports of ongoing skirmishes between the two species.

There is a large Pale population in the desert province( E.png ) of Shibolith, and Pales lived there( E.png ) before humans arrived.

Pales were kept( E.png ) in the Ettin Zoo but eventually escaped.

Described( E.png ) in Arthur's report to Yasmine.

Notable Pales

  • Nexus: The leader of the Pales.
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