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Oozes are squat, amorphous creatures with a single stalk-mounted eye (but two(E) seem also possible) who inhabit the Basement. While they are slime-based like Ghasts, Oozes seem to be structurally less sophisticated and generally do not get along with them. They can create a number of crude manipulative appendages from their bodies, although they are incapable of forming legs that can support their weight. They are able to climb walls and even ceilings with no apparent effort(E). An Ooze's diet is fairly broad, and they seem to prefer farming and/or scavenging to predation. They sometimes compete with Gobules as scavengers.

It is unclear whether Oozes have males and females. If so, either the sexes are indistinguishable or only one is seen in public.

Oozes were kept(E) in the Ettin Zoo but eventually escaped.

Described(E) in Arthur's report to Yasmine.

Notable Oozes[]