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Nomes are human-like creatures currently living in the forest. They tend to be pragmatic and calm, but are capable of anger under stress, and are surprisingly strong given their small size.

Described(E.png) in Arthur's report to Yasmine.


The Nomes of the Forrest were part of the Ettin Zoo in the mansions' basement, kept with the Queen Snakes(E.png). They were driven out by the Gnolls about 15 years before the actual story.


Nomes are about 2/3 as big as normal humans. Despite of this fact they are pretty much human like about their physics. They tend to wear hats besides of their normal clothing, which is pretty human too.


Nomes do live in trees, where they insert their houses in a magical way(E.png) called Tree-Warping. Aside of this they are organized as humans: They have a village chief, every inhabitant has some type of job, even if some of these jobs are quite odd for human measures. They do have many human cultural features like marriages and adoptions. They wear clothes and have been observed smoking pipes.

The basement Nome society was run by a hereditary Nome King before they were driven out.


After the Nome War they are quite hostile with Gnolls. They also have some conflicts with the Pales.