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The Nome War (named from the Gnoll's view) was a war fought in the Basement between Nomes and Gnolls and caused(E.png), unintentionally, by Mortimer. The war happened in the last thirty years as Digger was alive(E.png) for the war.


Before the war, Nomes lived exclusively in the Basement, sharing space with Gnolls. Living space was limited, and tension inevitably developed. The incident that caused all-out war to erupt was an explosion in a Nome mine, caused by a "demon", in truth Mortimer. The Nomes blamed the Gnolls, and attacked.


The Nomes were led by Zabern and the gnolls by Compline, who was persuaded to do so by his mate, Caytid.

On Caytid's suggestion, female Gnolls were recruited into the war effort and trained as archers.

Losing the majority of battles, the Nomes were pushed up and towards the south, over the Great Chasm, and ultimately, except for a few refugees granted sanctuary by other species, driven out of the underground and into the Forest.

At this point, the Pales of the Forest joined the war on the side of the Nomes, perhaps fearing that the Gnolls would grow too strong. With their help, the war was brought to a stalemate.

This stalemate was broken by the intervention of the Sneeches, who left their den and stormed into the front lines of the war, forcing both sides to flee. On the Forest side, entrances into the Basement were plugged shut; while on the Basement side, the bridges crossing the Chasm were destroyed. The Sneeches never crossed the Great Chasm or entered the Forest, and the war came to an end.

Aftermath and consequences[]

The losing Gnolls were driven out of the the Basement. The Sneech side of the Great Chasm was abandoned, and remains nearly uninhabited. The Forest and the Basement were almost completely separated from one another.

After the war, the Basement Council was founded to preserve peace.

Around at the time[]

Alive at the time of the Nome War and still around:

And, of course, Mortimer and many other humans.