Nevus is a Shallow Wyrm, owner of a restaurant named Le Tree (which should not be confused with the The Tree) and leader of one of the major Basement faction. His competitors are Guttle and Agita. He has a noted disagreement(E) with the Basement Council.

Nevus is noted to be both very rich and powerful, amassing a large number of glowgems. He is also a collector of unusual objects, ones that he likes to put on display for visitors to see. He is particularly proud of Le Tree.

He is Zanoola's mate.


How a Shallow Wyrm the size a finger managed to create one of the biggest, well organized and richest Basement factions is yet unknown.


La tree employees

  • Snoot (Maitre d'hotel)
  • Percy (Bouncer)
  • Unknown Jibjib (Garcon)
  • Enforcers

Personal retinue


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