Myrrh is also known as the the Woman of Mystery or the Scary Lady, her true identity and history are only partially known. She shares her bed(E) with Frederick. She apparently played some role in raising Sylvester.

She has contacts and has information about on-goings in the outside world (the "rumor mill"(E) in her words).

Myrrh acted as unofficial protector for the residents of the Mansion, but resigned(E) that role after Rosemary arrived and became Taskmistress.


Myrrh is a Demon with the corresponding magical abilities(E).

About fifty years ago she was summoned(E) from the world Zark by Frederick, a skilled wizard and member of the E Family. Frederick managed to magically bind her (a binding physically represented by an collar(E)), losing his powers in the process. In a possible case of Stockholm Syndrome, she became romantically involved(E) with Frederick and will protect him and his relatives(E).

All that is known about the Scary Lady's life before her summoning has come from another demon she knew during that time - the powerful demon king currently serving as the Operator of the Elevator.

Later: Her backstory starts here: . She is believed (by Ivana Klubin in Mechana) to be a mid-level Zarkite:

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