Milo, the 9th Earl of E, was an avid writer (an uncommon trait in his time). His works include The Intricate Balance, an important and difficult-to-understand(E) work. He was also an avid fan of puzzles and games, a trait inherited by his son, Dorn.

Milo reportedly became Earl by killing(E) his father. He was the last Earl to take power in that way.

A notable achievement (although not confirmed to be his official achievement) is that he actually moved inside the Mansion as opposed to just living around it. He made contact with the Mansion's Spindizzies.

The other notable feature of his life was that he converted to the Temple-worship of the Brush and began building the Mansion's own Temple. As a possible consequence, or simply due to economics, he also ended the family's business in slave trade.

His wife was named Nattana with whom he also converted.

Preceded by:
Frake (father)
Earl of E
5062–5098 HC
Succeeded by:
Dorn (son)
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