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Lemuel, the 12th Earl of E was known as a meticulous researcher but a poor Earl. His wife Charlotte was "Earl in all but name," which probably suited him(E.png). Allegedly(E.png), Charlotte killed Lemuel's father, but these allegations did not harm their relationship(E.png).

He spent his life mapping the Mansion, but claimed(E.png) he didn't come close to finishing. Panegate research also took much of his time, during which he may have observed more Panegates, and glimpsed more worlds trough them, than any other human being. It should be noted that he never attempted to open them, merely observe what they see.

Lemuel was found dead in front of a Panegate with a "hideous expression"(E.png) on his face.

Preceded by:
Dorn II (father)
Earl of E
5137–5154 HC
Succeeded by:
Wilhelmina (daughter)