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Gnolls are a spindly, bipedal species which stand about half as high as a human on average. The Gnolls encountered in the Mansion are unusually intelligent and clever, and they are one of the most widespread and influential species both in the Basement and in the Forest. One of the most unusual things about Gnolls is that while there are males and females, their reproduction invariably involves a third male known as a finagler, who is carefully selected by the male and female Gnoll in question. What a finagler actually does is unknown.

Many basement Gnolls live in groups called warrens(E.png).

Described(E.png) in Arthur's report to Yasmine as one of the two most common species in the Basement, and also as residents(E.png) of the Forest.


The average Gnoll lifespan is 15-20 years.


Gnolls have a male and female. Females usually have feminine hair and larger eyelashes. Gnoll couples are Mated and have a Finagler, even though there is no biological necessity for a third partner.

Resilant brains[]

Gnoll brains display an uncanny resistance to mind-control and a general odd effect on magic. They are resilient(E.png) against a Fixit's attempt to control them and recover fastest when the Fixit is removed. Even Myrrh was frustrated on her first attempt. Gnolls also change rather than be changed when directly observing the River of Fire.

Finagling and third partner[]

Finagling is a profession taken up by gnolls who are called Finaglers. Its exact details and functions are never talked about or discussed openly, especially to non-gnolls. Finaglers are known to have many secrets and are quite mysterious. The only thing known for sure about it is that it somehow all works and without it, "bad things happen"(E.png). No one knows why they work. There are some common activities done by Finaglers.

The most notable feature of Finaglers is that they are a professional third partner in a polygamous relationship. They can conduct the ritual where they officially Mate a couple. They share a Nest (a bed of some kind of green leaves) with their mated couple and Finaglers teach themselves some of their partners' profession. They might involve themselves with the couple's love life if they deem it necessary. They may also have a more important function of helping the couple's relationship between themselves. Perhaps most importantly, they dedicate themselves to raise whelps (children/babies) and tell them stories.

Other notable features include hearing things that other people don't.

There are older and other forms of Finagling and not everybody uses Finaglers. One such type lived during Compline's time, they were known as Schemers(E.png). Finagling is just considered to be better.

Notable Gnolls[]