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Ghasts are three-eyed, bipedal beings of dripping slime. They are intelligent, perceptive, and very difficult to kill, and therefore are extremely respected in Basement society. This toughness also makes them the backbone of the Council Police. Their names are nearly unpronounceable.

They have a very limited diet of prickly fungus and three types of spiky fungi(E).

They are male and female, the females having a pair of "head-tufts" that males do not. Individual ghasts are indistinguishable save for the Little Floaty Things which constantly hover near their heads. Their reproductive process is unknown, but seems to involve the "breeding pools"(E) which are at the heart of Ghast society. These pools are also used to heal severely injured individuals. Ghasts are extremely protective of these pools, and almost nothing is known of them.

Ghasts were kept(E) in the Ettin Zoo but eventually escaped.

Described(E) in Arthur's report to Yasmine.

Notable Ghasts[]