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Frederick Gerald Howard Eman is Sylvester's great-uncle and the brother of Quincy. He is romantically involved with the Woman of Mystery, and seems to have an ongoing feud with Amos and Nellie Grubb. He wields a very large axe, possibly as a means of compensating for what he once had (see below).

Fred served as Regent for Willoughby and later for Sylvester until he retired(E.png) and the position was taken by Mortimer. As Regent he ran The Mansion of E from the death of Willoughby in 5411 HC until Sylvester became Earl in 5412 HC[1].


Frederick was once a skilled wizard before The Crash. However, he did not lose his powers in The Crash, but before it, when he accidentally summoned a powerful and dangerous Demon. He managed to magically bind it, losing all of his magical power(E.png) in the process(E.png). In a possible case of Stockholm Syndrome, the demon became romantically involved with Frederick. That Demon is the Woman of Mystery, aka Myrrh.

  1. Confirmed by author in comic chatbox. Not discussed in the comic.