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Fleebs are palm-sized, triangular-shaped cyclopean insectoids that live in the Basement. Because they are quite rare and have no practical use whatsoever they are used as the primary currency of the Basement society, alongside with glowgems.

Fleebs do not do anything. They do not eat nor mate(E.png); they just stand still and stare.

Where Rosemary comes from, a Fleeb is called a Triblot(E.png). (According to the Oh No Robot transcript for Tuesday , April 5 , 2005(E.png), it is a "Western name".)

Mentioned(E.png) by Arthur after his report(E.png) to Yasmine. Weirdo Tulip died "out west" after sending a last report(E.png) apparently mentioning Triblots/Fleebs. Yasmine finds this disturbing(E.png) and wants all the Fleebs owned by Arthur to investigate.