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Fixits are small creatures resembling hats that can take over the person wearing them. They can resemble a wide variety of hats, the common thing being a band running around or across the top of them (with a few exceptions). Their single eye can be found on this band, often where a buckle would be. They have a retractable pair of antennae and four legs.

They can take over a person by placing themselves atop the head of a person. They can take over people without heads as well, such as Eyebolts. Little is known of how they do this, but the process involves their legs, and they do not puncture the host's skull. This is evidenced by the fact that they can be knocked down from their host without damaging the host. It is notable that different species handle fixits differently, with gnolls being apparently the most resistant(E.png). However, they can still take over resisting gnolls given enough time.

Many Fixits work for Mr. Hand who works for God. (There is no evidence of any who don't work for Mr. Hand.)

The lifespan of Fixits is unknown, but Cox was in The Spike before The Crash, longer than the forty two years(E.png) for Dorian.

Relationship with hosts[]

Fixits call their host "mounts". Most Fixits appear to dominant in relation to their hosts, using them merely as living vehicles. They can see through their host's eyes and do so while undercover. When they are in a safe, Fixit-controlled area they prefer to close their host's eyes and rely on their own.

Relationships of this nature are not necessarily the rule. There are cases where a fixit's relationship with their host is a symbiotic one, the two brains merging. They say that in this way, they have an increased mental capacities. It is possible that in these cases, their host's eyes are open when they are in a Fixit-controlled area. However, it is also possible that the Fixit is just using their host's eyes and thus able to focus on more than one area.