Eyebolts are very sedentary and strange creatures. Quite intelligent, they mainly work in desk-bound positions within Basement society, such as clerks, receptionists, et cetera. They have only one eye, mounted on a stalk or neck that rises from the main mass of the body, as well as two hands each with two fingers and a thumb. Individual Eyebolts are distinguished by the pattern of neck rings. They have two sexes.

Psychologically and societally, Eyebolts are very orthodox, with uniqueness and creativity being frowned upon. In the Agita-controlled Root Hall, this is taken to the extreme, with bureaucracy permeating everything. Eyebolts refer to the thinking of creating and imaginative thoughts as 'Weirding', which is illegal in Root Hall. Eyebolts' antennae give them the ability to detect the psychic imprints left by creative thoughts. The Anti Weirdness Squad, an organization backed by Agita, has been founded by the Eyebolts of Root Hall in an attempt to crack down on Weirding. Weirders have likewise formed a Weirders Liberation Front(E).

Eyebolts were not kept in the Ettin Zoo but instead worked(E) for the Ettins

Described(E) in Arthur's report to Yasmine.

Notable EyeboltsEdit