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Ernest, the 19th Earl of E, was a master art forger(E.png) and an avid partier and drinker until he was brutally stabbed to death(E.png). His greatest achievement was the Party Palace, the Mansion's center for the arts, on which he spent much of the family fortune. Although the Palace was his only true contribution to the art world, he strove to nurture artistic talent in others, and may only have been truly happy in its presence(E.png).

Ernest had at least two children, his successor Philbert and another son Hindenburgh who created(E.png) the Pulse-Ignition Thaumnode (or just consulted on--see Philbert and move to new page).

His wife(E.png) was Lucidia.

Preceded by:
Ludwig (father)
Earl of E
5332–5341 HC
Succeeded by:
Philbert (son)