Dornbeasts are large nonsentient(E) creatures that inhabit the Basement. They resembles a Tyrannosaurus Rex with numerous tentacles in place of legs. It is also quite tasty to eat(E).

In addition to food, other parts of Dornbeasts are used(E) by the E Family to make candles, clothes, and for building materials. Other parts are sold to Olaf Larssen who uses them for unknown purposes(E).

Described(E) in Arthur's report to Yasmine.


The species came from swamp-dwelling Chompbeasts(E), a distant relative of Ettins. Chompbeasts were modified into Siegebeasts by Dorn. They were renamed Dornbeasts by Dorn II after Dorn was eaten(E) by them.

Dornbeasts were used in the armies of the Earls until replaced by battletanks(E) developed by Griffington.

Dornbeasts compete(E) with adult troglodytes for food and living space at the edges of the Basement society, currently locked in an endless and bloody stalemate.

Use by Basement-DwellersEdit

Dornbeasts can be domesticated(E) and are used as guardians. Ghasts breed dornbeasts for defensive purposes.

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