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Angus, the 16th Earl of E, was a believer in capital punishment who would have transgressors tossed into the River of Fire.

He fought effectively to expand his territory, winning every battle ("or at least, every important(E.png) battle,") as he conquered large chunks of the Northwoods (now Audravania). In the process he sacked the nearby Mansion of S, taking as a trophy the giant pot that currently resides in the Pot Room.

Angus had no sense of humor(E.png), which meant his Weirdo had a rather rough time. Angus went bald(E.png) at an early age.

Angus had a brother named Cyrus. (See transcription for April 24 , 2014.)

Preceded by:
Griffington (father)
Earl of E
5235–5271 HC
Succeeded by:
Audra (daughter)